Clark Gracie @ Pan Ams 2013 + Is Clark Hailed as the David Beckham of BJJ?

What do Clark Gracie and David Beckham have in common? Talent, composure and a pose that can put the likes of GQ Magazine to shame.

The latest Pan’s 2013 in L.A. featured some extraordinary bouts; Clark Gracie pulled off his signature omoplata, down 2-0 in the finals, to win with seconds remaining. All the talk thereafter, didn’t revolve around Clark’s recent gold medal; it revolved around a photo gone viral, where Clark is seen to omoplata his opponent, some tournaments ago…

Clark Gracie applying the 'Clarkoplata'

Omoplata Pose from Clark Gracie.

Source: DeadSpin.


Reddit and Quick Meme were first to jump on the photo. After releasing 1 or 2 takes on what they have titled the “Ridiculously Photogenic Jiu Jitsu Guy”, we were sold.

Clark’s photogenic, “how do I look?” pose has been a box-office hit, and beckons for endorsements from shampoo legends; not to mention his hair appears buoyant and ‘volumizing'; the pose has instantly captured our hearts (fortunately, not our limbs).

Meme Adaptations:

Source: Quick Meme & Cage Potato.


Good Morning America caught on, and have joined in on the fun; Clark was featured on the Good Morning show, just days after the photo gone viral.

Is Clark photogenic or what?

PAN AMS 2013: Clark Gracie vs Marcelo “Lapela” Mafra

One of the featured matches in this years Pan Ams 2013, was in fact, Clark Gracie vs Marcelo “Lapela” Mafra in the middleweight finals.

Marcelo played a very conservative game as he earned 2 points for a sweep, and attempted to hold onto a Clark Gracie onslaught for the rest of the match.

Marcelo was nearly cautioned for staling, as Clark vigorously attempted every attack/sweep in the book, to get Marcelo off his game.

As time ticked near the end of the match, with Marcelo up 2-0, Clark switched gears and pulled off an incredible scramble, to hit his signature omoplata.

As Clark dives for the omoplata (literally), Marcelo scrambles in desperation. Clark solidifies his lock on the arm, and brilliantly switches grips to a lapel choke. Right before the choke is applied, Clark hides his leg for leverage, and begins to apply the final touches by swinging his arm behind Marcelo’s head.

The choke gets tighter, Clark gives a thumbs up while applying it; Marcelo attempts to tap, but soon falls unconscious, and the match is over.

Clark wins, via a signature omoplata finish, with only 25 seconds remaining, while down 2-0 in the middleweight finals.

A true testament to Clark’s ability to stay composed, while remaining ‘fashionable’. Clark is seen here: thumbs up to the coach and team; a thumbs up to the fans; David Beckham, eat your heart out!

The match video can be seen here:

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